Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being Held and Holding Up

Today N and I went to a private Paraklesis service at our church to ask for intercession from Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco, The Wonderworker. It was an amazing experience on several levels. First, it highlighted just how incredibly exhausted I am (ha ha). Just showering, putting on my "church clothes," make-up, et al., used up about all of my energy. But once we talked, then went into the church for the service and the anointing, everything was forgotten with regard to my energy. I sat during the majority of the service, except for during the reading of the Holy Gospel, but N was a trouper and stood during the whole thing, despite his bad foot.

Mystical things often occur to me at church, and today was no exception. St. John is an interesting character, to say the least. He died in Seattle, at a Russian Orthodox Church not far from our home.

Tomorrow I have one more doctor's appointment, then in for the surgery on Thursday morning. I'll be glad to have it over, that's for sure, but I feel tremendous support from friends both old and new.

A couple of friends have big issues this week: K is waiting to hear about her clinical trial and if she's qualified for it. M is having scans tomorrow. If you're inclined, please remember both in your prayers. Thank you again for your help for all of your support, prayers, good vibes and thoughts. xoxo - Cinderella