Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love my niece and nephew

Our niece is the happy, ladylike Southerner. She's 8 months old and already has manners. Totally precious. Our nephew is a perfectionist. He separates his food. I'm not going to label him Mini Adrian Monk quite yet, but I'm  keeping my eye on him.

Because I love them, and because I love to shop (naturally), I've outfitted her in the cutest stuff, if I do say so myself. She has two Lillys, and I just ordered her the most adorable Freckles & Kitty playsuit that would have been perfect for our wedding reception (except she hadn't been born yet)! Bummer that I don't have any pictures or links - HauteLook for some reason doesn't let you download their photos. But you'll just have to take my word for it - it's very sweet.

I bought N a new laptop today to replace the one that one of our dogs spilled diet Coke all over on Saturday night (we're cutting HIM off for sure). We tried taking it apart and drying it, but the screen is shot. Ooh, he's going down now to get the info off the printer! YAY!

Gotta go! He loves it!!
Walk in beauty,
Cinderella xoxo