Monday, May 9, 2011


We hear the word a lot, from bras to shoe insoles. But we truly rely on it when we need people around us to give us a hand: a phone call, an email, a message on Twitter or FB. THAT kind of support means so much, it's hard to put it into words.

N and I are blessed and overwhelmed by everyone who has offered help. It has really shown the character of our friends. We know wonderful people and we love you all.

N has found a new hobby, and he's quite talented at it: beadwork! He made me a set of prayer beads last night and presented them to me. I couldn't believe it - first off, that he was making prayer beads and that they were so gorgeous! He's taken them back to tweak them and make them a bit more secure, but I told him that, aside from his hands, they'll be the last thing I touch before going into the operating room on Thursday.

I've been loving this evening, just sitting and laughing - the best times, IMHO. Stay happy, everyone - and don't forget, you always have a choice!