Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tom Petty was right

The waiting is truly the hardest part. I was hoping that my doctor would get my CT/IVP results tonight. She works late and has been known to call me well into the evening. I'm hoping that I'll hear from her office tomorrow. She was kind enough to write a letter to my university stating that I had cancer and that I could be eligible for a tuition credit. I'm hoping that between my two doctors, they will apply my tuition to future quarters.

Again - more waiting about that, although they "welcome" my inquiries about it! Ha ha ha!

We finally signed up for Netflix and watched our first film tonight. Lots of good stuff can be streamed through our Wii too. Pretty cool. Yeah, I know we're the last people on earth to get Netflix!

I'm hoping to sleep tonight. I'm really congested, not helpful with my CPAP mask. Oh well well!