Friday, May 6, 2011

Wherein I become enraged over a Mother's Day offer

Just saw this Tweet from @PureBarreWA: Moms take class FREE at PB Bellevue!

So guess what? If you've spent your entire life savings on fertility treatments and haven't managed to spurt out offspring, you get to pay full price! Oh, but don't worry, you can just use your tax credit for your chil.... oh wait, you don't GET a tax credit if you don't have kids.

We are the childless and the childfree. We're the people who work late because little Emily has a piano recital or Jacob stuck a thumbtack up his nose. We're the people who listen patiently while you describe your "birth experience" in gruesome, bloody detail over lunch and manage to not vomit all over the table. Do you really want to "go green"? Then stop having so *&%#W$# many kids and while you're at it, shut up about them for five minutes and try to have an adult conversation with someone who may be grieving.