Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whooooo Do I Love?

Lately I've embraced my childhood love of owls, and lucky for me there seem to be quite a few kitschy ones on the market. You can get aprons, bedding, towels, shirts, jewelry, vases, pillows, you name it. The Chi Omega gift shop (which is open to the public; you don't have to be a member) has a fantastic selection of  owl things.

David & Goliath Queen Sheet Set,
I wanted to find some bed sheets along those lines, but so far I've failed. But I did settle on these sheets and on this duvet ensemble:

Kind of fun and something different for summer. We spent winter with glow-in-the-dark outer space flannel sheets that we bought from Garnet Hill. I have to say, I never got tired of seeing the stars after turning off the light each night. Oddly, I'd already bought a throw pillow and bolster that matches this through HauteLook a few weeks ago. So this will be a change and will be kind of fun. I wanted something new in honor of us both having to use CPAP machines for sleep apnea. We may look silly, but we're getting better sleep than about 85 percent of Americans.

We've got so many to-do projects around the house, starting with a major reorganization of our bedroom and closets. I need to sort through and give away about half of my clothes, I swear! Then we need to redo what we thought was going to be our baby's nursery and turn that into an exercise studio. My dad is going to give us his treadmill, we have a TV down there, we're putting up a ballet barre and we'll still have room for mats. Right now it's my silent film library (that will stay), an ironing room and a repository of stuff that also needs to be sorted, although that's a much smaller project than the clothes. I'm SO excited to have an at-home gym,  especially one with so many treats!

I'm still resting from last Thursday's surgery but I'm coming along nicely. I go in for my follow-up appointment on Monday to discuss the tumor and our plan of action from here. I'm not worried and I trust my doctor implicitly. That's all for now, hope today's a hoot! (Anyone? Anyone? /crickets)
xoxo Cinderella