Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wherein I say no to my doctor and yes to drugs

Yesterday I was bitching and moaning blogging about waiting for my doctor or her nurse to return my call when - alack! - halfway through, my doctor called. Basically she wanted to do a sterile catheter draw, which is what she did before I had my surgery. I thought about it for a while (an hour, maybe, tops) and decided that's not what I wanted. Look, I know I have a freaking kidney infection. I've probably had more than a dozen of them. I need antibiotics and I happen to have a full bottle of Cipro from a previous run-in with bacteria.

She argued that I'd just spent a week on Levaquin, a close relative of Cipro, so I should be better. I shot back that I did feel better but that I should have had more than seven days' worth of pills.

You know what doctors hate? Being confronted by their patients and being slightly accused of making a mistake. Was I better on the Levaquin? Absolutely! Then I got sick again three days later - even sicker, in fact. At any rate, to wrap up this gross and tedious tale, I put myself on Cipro, even though it makes me sick as it makes me better (kind of like chemotherapy).

We're meeting with our priest today and I just feel like something on the bottom of my shoe. I'm sure he gets that a lot in his line of work.

Speaking of  lines of work, as I mentioned I am now an independent stylist for Stella and Dot jewelry (see Facebook badge at left). I'd love it if you checked out my page and "liked" it. Even better, go to my website and see some of their beautiful items. Right now they're running a 20%-off sale but items are limited. Please don't hesitate to ask me about the product if you have any questions. I'm personally in love with it; I've been wearing it daily for a while now, since way before it ever occurred to me to sell it. I'm also going down to San Francisco (open those Golden Gates!) next month for their convention, where they'll unveil the new fall line. I'm so excited!

And I just can't hide it!

Well, on that earworm (you're WELCOME), I'll bid you all adieu for now. Thanks for listening to me rant. I lost about 20 followers on Twitter yesterday. I guess no one wants to hear about the human bladder. I wonder why?

Walk in beauty,
Cinderella xoxo